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Tier one Solar Panels Geelong

1. What are Tier 1 Solar Panels?


    Solar panels in the tier 1 group have been vertically integrated which means every stage of the process is controlled and automated. .

    The research and development, quality control and fully integrated manufacturing process of tier 1 panels make the end product a higher grade panel with a higher performance, more reliable and with a significantly longer life span.

    Tier 1 companies use highly automated manufacturing techniques and subject all products to a higher standard of testing in real world conditions.


2. Tier 2 and 3 Solar Panels


       Tier 2 and tier 3 solar panels are at the bottom of the pyramid. The majority of the manufacturers of  tier 2 and tier 3 panels do not actually produce their own solar cells and simply just assemble the panels using components which have been sourced from a variety of other companies.

    Tier 3 is made up of 90% of new solar PV manufacturers. They don’t invest in innovative research and development programs to produce the highest quality solar panels. Another absolute rock solid reason to not use these panels is that the solar panels in this tier are assembled manually, the quality of the panels can vary significantly making the overall product not as reliable.


  • Tier 1 solar panels: The Best in the Business.

  • Tier 2 solar panels: The Middleman, a Roll of the Dice

  • Tier 3 solar panels: Low End and Risky.



























3. The Assessment Criteria


    When deciding on the right solar panels for your home, it’s important you understand the assessment criteria and make sure what you’re paying for ticks all the boxes. This will ensure you’re getting something that is reliable and effective.

    When considering solar panels, the biggest mistake homeowners make is believing all solar panels are produced equally. Like the variety of car manufacturers out there, models and quality levels vary significantly depending on what company and where they’re made. Solar panels are no different, it is crucial to be aware of the variations in durability and quality of solar panels available. 


4. Protect your Investment


    Remember, it is your hard earned dollars that you are risking if you choose to go with a sub standard solar panel, quality and reliability and piece of mind is essential in any long term investment, don't get hooked in with glossy brochures and a smooth sales pitch, do your research on the panel and the person you are buying it from, ask questions and remove the risk factor from your investment.


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