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    We highly recommend Suntech solar panels, Suntech have been supplying solar panels in Australia for over 21 years. At Geelong Solar Energy we have established a solid long term  relationship with Suntech and have been supplying and installing Suntech Panels for over a decade.


   Built tough for Australian conditions Suntech have been at the forfront of testing and developing solar panels in Australia for Australian homes for over 20 years.


    Suntech Power was founded in 2001 by Dr Zhengrong Shi who is widely recognised as a pioneer of solar module manufacturing and dubbed as the “sun king” as he became the world’s first solar billionaire in 2006. Since commencing operations in 2001, Suntech has manufactured over 24GW of photovoltaic modules which have been distributed to over 100 countries.


The Australian Connection


    Since 2001, Suntech has developed a strong connection to the Australian market, with research and development projects being run at UNSW, ANU, and Monash University. These connections were enabled as founder and former CEO, Dr Shi obtained his doctorate degree of solar power technology at UNSW prior to founding Suntech.

Head office in Australia

Over 20 years

in Australia

Longer than any other manufacturer 

    In 2014 Suntech was acquired by Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited, a renewable energy investment and independent power company. Suntech has received international recognition, being awarded Top PV Brand by the EuPD Research Institute This is an illustrious award as EuPD is considered the solar industry’s leading research institute. Suntech has also received rewards from branches of the United Nations for its contribution to environmental protection.


    The Q CELLS Anti LID Technology eliminates light induced degradation (LID), which can greatly reduce system performance, almost completely. Other conventional monocrystalline solar cells will lose much of their initial performance, once exposed to sunlight. With Q.PEAK DUO-G5 this is not the case, thanks to Anti LID Technology.

    For solar cells and solar modules from Q CELLS, potential induced degradation (PID) doesn't exist. Potential induced degradation can lead to a performance loss of 20 % or more, even in the first few months. Q CELLS´ proprietary Anti PID Technology will save you from this fate.

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