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Sunset on Solar Panels


Frequently Asked Questions about Solar

  • Will my system be switched on when it is installed?
    Yes, we test and commission our systems on the day of install, we then leave them switched on so that you can benefit from solar power from day one.
  • What are the benefits of adding solar panels to my house or business?   
    Besides reducing your carbon footprint, a solar system can generate huge savings on your electricity bill. By generating your own electricity from the solar panels you reduce the electricity you need to buy from the grid and any excess "Green" electricity your system produces is sold back to the power provider. Not only will you be able to greatly reduce your electricity bill you will increase both the energy rating and value of your house.
  • Are there any other benefits for having solar panels?
    Yes, by reducing Australia's dependency on electricity generated from coal, we not only reduce CO2 emissions, we also reduce the demand on water that power companies require to generate this electricity. Currently 130 billion litres of drinking water is used just to generate coal-based electricity. Furthermore, if more Australians installed solar panel systems it will reduce the stress on our electricity grid. You are helping the environment as well as your budget.
  • How do solar photovoltaic (PV) panels work?
    Solar panels use layers of special materials called semi-conductors that create electricity when exposed to sufficient light. There are different types of solar panel construction. Some panels tend to perform better in high temperatures and low light situations, but take up around twice the space.
  • Does the power I generate get used in my property first or sent to the grid first?
    The electricity from the solar power system will get used in your property first. Only the excess gets exported to the grid.
  • How long will the installation of solar panels take?
    The actual installation process should only take 1 day but form sign up to install usually takes 2-3 weeks. Once your system is installed your meter may need to be reconfigured before you can be paid for your exported solar power. If you do need a new meter there can be a delay of a few weeks between the installation of the system and the changing of the meter. The changing of the meter itself takes approximately 1 hour.
  • Is there any extra charges associated with my solar install?
    Yes, there is a $58 charge by Powercor to reconfigure the smart meter, this charge will appear on your first power bill after the installation has been completed.
  • Who does the paperwork?
    We take care of all the paperwork for you; this includes a Certificate of Electrical Safety, solar connection form, electrical works request and a power core pre approval form.
  • What about the warranty of my solar panels and inverter?
    We supply all our customers with a full warranty on the panels, inverter and mounting system, this warranty is held in Australia and all our suppliers are located in Australia, we will take care of any warranty claims personally.
  • Does my system require a electrical inspection?
    Yes, we organise an independent electrical inspector at our cost to certify that your system is safe and has been installed to Clean Energy Council and ESV regulations.
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