The average home consumes around 18kw of electricity per day, a large family home in some cases will consume around 25 or more kw per day.

       To get an idea of what size system would suit your home have a look at a recent power bill and check your average daily usage, this can be found next to the bar graph that shows your monthly usage.

        Depending on your average daily usage figure, it is a good idea to to size your system to produce above your average daily usage, this will allow for loss of solar production in the winter months. 

       However it is our recommendation to go big and secure a decent size system, if you have the roof space and the budget then our Bill Buster is the only way to go. 

        By installing the largest size residential system available you will lock in the rights to have a 5kw solar generation system on your property for ever.


    We are receiving increasing notifications from Powercor that due to the large uptake of home solar installations and grid voltage issues that individual properties may not be able to feed solar into the grid to gain solar credits.        This means no credits to the grid which equals less return on YOUR INVESTMENT


    The solar feed in tariff should be available to everyone but due to limitations of the power grid this is no longer the case. The power grid was not designed to cope with the amount of solar that it currently has on it and will need to be upgraded to cope with the huge uptake of home solar systems. Powercor have stated that upgrades will take place and that this will take some years to be completed. 


    Powercor are now allowing more customers to feed into the grid, we have received a number of aplications which were once zero export that have now been given maximum export to the grid, this is great work by Powercor and great news for all new customers who have been thinking of going solar.

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We have residential systems available up to 15kw, please contact us for more information regarding larger residential and commercial size systems.
2-2.5 kw System 
Average daily production:  8-9 kw / Day

Small 2 BR homes, granny flats and bungalows

3 kw System 
Average daily production:  10-12kw / Day​

Small to medium size homes, 2-3BR,  good budget size system

​3.5 kw System 
Average daily production:  12-14 kw / Day

Average size homes, medium size system with good returns all year round, suits most 3BR homes with a usage of  10-12kw per day, will save the average customer around $600-$800 per year

4-4.5 kw System 

Average daily production: 16-18 kw / Day

Medium to large homes good budget system for a decent solar yield, suitable for 3-4BR homes with a high power usage, will save the average customer around $800-$1,000 per year

5-5.5 kw System        

Average daily production: 18-20 kw / Day​


Medium to large size 3-4 BR homes, great system for delivering a high yield all year round

6 kw System        

Average daily production: 20-22 kw / Day​

Medium to large size 3-4 BR homes, excellent system for a home that uses a lot of power, great for delivering a high yield all year round and with the offer of a higher feed in tariff the return on your investment is huge with this Bill Buster system. Average savings with this system are $1,000-$1,200 per year.

       These figures supplied by the Clean Energy Council give a fair indication of what each size system will produce on average per day. Melbourne figures are indicative of Geelong figures and are based on a north facing roof and an average of 3.6 hours of sun light per day.