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Sizing Matters

Residential System Design Guide

The average home consumes around 18-20kw of electricity per day, a large family home in some cases will consume around 25-30kw or more per day.


To get an idea of what size system would suit your home have a look at a recent power bill and check your average daily usage (kw per day) this can be found next to the bar graph that shows your monthly usage.

Depending on your average daily usage figure, it is a good idea to size your system to produce above your average daily usage, this will allow for loss of solar production in the winter months. 


By installing the largest size residential system available you will future proof your home against rising power bills and lock in the rights to have the maximum size solar generation system on your property.

Power bill photo.jpg
We have residential systems available up to 23kw, please contact us for more information regarding larger residential and commercial size systems.
2-3 Bedroom Homes
Small homes
Low power usage
  • 5kw system
  • 12 x 415 watt panels
  • Produces an average of 17kw per day


3-4 Bedroom Homes
Average family home
Medium to high power usage 
  • 5.8kw system
  • 14 x 415 watt panels
  • Produces an average of 20kw per day


3-5 Bedroom Homes
Large family homes
High power usage 
  • 6.6kw system
  • 16 x 415 watt panels
  • Produces an average of 23kw per day


These figures supplied by the Clean Energy Council give a fair indication of what each size system will produce on average per day. Melbourne figures are indicative of Geelong figures and are based on a north facing roof and an average of 3.6 hours of sun light per day.

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