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Solar Panels Technician

Solar Upgrades

Need help with your existing solar system?

Solar System Maintenance, Warranty Servicing,  Inverter Repairs and System Up Grades in Geelong

  • Maintenance

  • Inverter repairs

  • Inverter change overs

  • Inverter faults

  • Error code diagnosis

  • Panel refits and up grades

  • Adding panels

  • Replacement Panels

  • Warranty servicing of panels and inverters


We take care of the lot, if your system has been incorrectly installed we can fix it, if your inverter is not performing as it should we  can change that old inverter for a brand new good quality unit. 

If you think your system or inverter needs up grading or you are worried about the install on your roof, give us a call and we will have a qualified technician contact you for a service check.

Below is an example of a recent install we were called to that had to be removed and refitted for obvious reasons

Installing Solar Panels

Don't let a poor installation
your home


This system was brought to our attention by the customer who had the system installed within the last few years by another company.


It was obviously a bit of a rush that day as they either didnt bring the tilt frame with them or just decided to lay the panels flat to the roof to save a bit of time and money.



The DC cable runs and fixings of the cables are critical components of your solar panel installation, if installed incorrectly they can be an electrical hazard and can lead to complete breakdown of the system.


After we lifted the panels we found a large amount of debris gathered under the panels, this was built up over time due to there not being any air flow under the array and also due to the mounting brackets being incorrectly installed, this would've led to roof leaks and eventually replacement of the damaged roof sheets.


The old DC cables were replaced with Australian standard fire rated DC cables and rewired back to the solar array on the roof and the connections to the inverter were all renewed with brand new cables.


The Clenergy 15-30 degree adjustable tilt frame was installed on the correct Clenergy clip lock feet adaptors which require no drilling through the roof and definitely no fixings into the roof pan. This will allow the rain water to run off naturally and also will prevent a build up of debris such as leaves, branches and general dirt accumulating under the array.


Close up of correct installation of tilt frame clip lock feet.


Installing the main support brackets for the system through the bottom of the pan is a big mistake, as the photo shows this will lead to a build up of mould and dirt and blocks the water flow through the pan of the roof sheet, which in time will lead to roof leaks.


The old DC and AC breakers were deemed unsafe and were replaced, the enclosure they were housed in was unable to be sealed so we replaced that as well with a brand new DC Isolator and AC breaker with a new AC enclosure.


Brand new DC isolators were required for the solar array on the roof to bring it up to todays standard.


Damage to roof from incorrect installation is shown next to the new clip lock feet. We also sealed up all the old roof penetrations made by the previous installer.


Finished panel refit showing the correct tilt frame installation to orient the solar panels to the optimal angle to capture the maximum amount of solar energy.

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