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Solar Batteries


State of the Art Technology.

Peace of mind.

280 Ah large capacity battery cells, long cycle life

5-layer comprehensive battery safety protection.

Multi system boot-up sources, uninterrupted power supply during a blackout.

The future in energy storage systems is here


Fully integrated.

Integrating Solar Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and EMS into one powerful energy system - this is our revolutionary 5-in-One Home ESS.

Simplified to give you a smart and seamless experience. Versatile in nature, caters to every energy usage scenario. Stylish front eagle eye and side ambient lighting design blend elegantly with any surroundings. SigenStor complements a variety of home styles perfectly.


Better Smarter Safer

Watch the below video to explore why Sigenergy safety features are truly industry leading.

Store your solar

With a solar battery you can

  • Reduce your dependency on the grid.

  • Store your excess solar power.

  • Use the stored power at night instead of the grid power.

  • Use your batteries as a backup power source during a blackout.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Save money on nightly power bills.

  • Increase house value.

Sigenergy Battery _edited.png

Solar Batteries– How they work.

Solar batteries work by storing excess electricity generated by solar panels during periods of high solar production. The energy is stored in the battery and can be discharged later when solar production is low or during a power outage. Solar batteries are typically integrated with solar inverters and managed by energy management systems to optimize energy flow and usage.

Hybrid inverter combined with an  expandable battery storage system

Sigenergy storage solutions.JPG

Power your home at night using the sun

Scalable on demand

Residential ready.Business ready.

Whether for home or business, its unique modular and stackable design allows it to be truly scalable on demand and flexible in configuration.

For commercial applications, you can connect multiple battery modules in parallel to meet your capacity needs.


Battery modules


Capacity range
per stack


High energy

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