Sun Earth History


             Operating since 1966, Sun-Earth is one of the oldest manufactures of solar panels throughout the industry. 

              They have over 46 successful years of experience producing complete solar PV modules.

A Brief timeline of Sun Earth


Sun-Earth began life as a semiconductor pioneer, manufacturing silicon ingots for military technology in Ningbo, China. By 1978 Sun Earth produced the first solar cells and panels for the Chinese market.


Experiencing success on the back of a rapidly growing industry, Sun Earth was now supplying over 80% of China’s domestic solar. To meet this demand, a state of the art multicrystalline, ingot-manufacturing facility was built in Ningbo.


Turning to the international market, 2004 saw the company increase exports to Europe and the USA, including the installation of a number of utility-scale solar arrays in Italy, Germany and Spain.


By now Sun Earth's projects had grown to include off-grid remote applications in rural areas, military applications, city and street light powering, oil field applications and backup power systems for railroads telecommunications and traffic systems.


Saw a growth in international expansion and local partnerships, including a 24 MW solar array project in Almeria, the largest array in the world at that time. In addition Sun Earth passed a company milestone of 350 MW annual production capacity.


Sun Earth enters the Australian domestic market on the back of a spike in demand for solar energy. The following year saw an expansion in production line of 250MW solar cells, adding to a total module capacity reaching over 650MW.


With an annual production of around 1GW, the company provides solar panels for more than 80% of China’s major telecommunications plants. Our expansion into the Australian market has proved successful and we now supply more than 30% of the solar portable stations to developing communities in Africa.

Now, with over 45 years successful experience and a 25-year warranty on all our products, over half of Sun-Earths customers have continued to partner with us.

Sun-Earth, providing highly efficient, reliable and sustainable solar energy solutions across the globe

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