The Apricus solar hot water system is a high-quality, highly efficient way to generate hot water for your household or business. The Apricus system uses evacuated tube solar collectors to harness the sun’s energy, providing hot water, keeping environmental costs low, and keeping hot water bills to a minimum.

Apricus evacuated tube solar technology is becoming recognised as the most efficient choice for solar hot water systems. This is thanks to the round tube design that allows heat to be captured for more hours of the day and with better efficiency than photovoltaic-PV





The sun is a limitless, abundant power source.  You can harness its power with affordable solar solutions from Chromagen.
With energy efficient products such as solar hot water, solar power and hot water heat pumps, you can reduce your energy consumption, minimise your carbon footprint, and slash your power bills.  Live efficiently with Chromagen solar energy solutions, and make the switch to a much brighter future.