Solar Hot Water Geelong


With rebates still available for solar hot water now is the time to upgrade that old electric or gas storage unit to an environmentally friendly and cost effective solar hot water system, reduce your carbon footprint and save your energy costs at the same time.

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solar hot water geelong

     Solar hot water systems use solar collectors (either solar panels or evacuated tubes) which absorb energy from the sun to heat water for your home. The heated water is then stored in an insulated tank for when you need it. 

     On cloudy days, or when hot water usage is higher than usual, your hot water system may need a boost, this can be achieved with either a gas or electric booster. The booster heating unit will come on when the water temperature falls below the thermostat setting and turn off automatically when the water reaches the required temperature. A gas booster produces less greenhouse gas emissions than an electric booster.


solar hot water geelong
solar hot water system geelong

Solar hot water systems take advantage of Australia’s abundant supply of sunshine and use that solar energy to heat water for household use. A solar hot water system should provide between 50 and 90 per cent of your hot water needs. Solar hot water systems come with electric or gas boosters to provide the rest of your hot water needs.

Replacing your old hot water system with a solar hot water system or heat pump is one of the most effective ways of reducing your carbon footprint​, but not only will you be helping to save the environment you will be reducing your hot water heating costs by up to 70%

solar hot water system
solar hot water geelong

     Make savings appear out of thin air with a hot water heat pump from Geelong Solar Energy

With heat pump technology you can harvest the FREE energy in the air to heat your water and reduce water heating costs by up to 65%*, whilst providing steaming hot water all day and night.

Heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to efficiently transfer thermal energy directly from the surrounding air and into water, and so do not rely on the sun or fossil fuels to provide a constant energy source.

An energy efficient hot water system such as a heat pump is a great way for Geelong households to reduce their energy consumption and cost of living.

Features & Benefits:

  • Huge potential savings in running costs over an electric storage system
  • Heat pumps do not require solar panels – ideal were roof space is limited
  • A modern and sophisticated styling suits current contemporary home design
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reliable hot water in any weather
  • Economical to purchase, install and run
  • Eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates. Eligibility criteria apply