Geelong Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

How do we clean the panels?

    We are not window cleaners, our tradesmen specialize in cleaning solar panels and only use equipment that has been specifically designed to clean solar panels.



  We opertate under the highest possible levels of saftey when it comes to cleanning your solar panels, If we have to work at heights we use safe work practices and we are fully trained in working on roofs. 

Solar panel cleaning in Geelong 

     Solar panels are at the mercy of Mother Nature and without cleaning and regular maintenance from a professional tradesman the energy production of your system will be compromised. Solar panels attract dust, pollen, leaves, bird droppings, mould spores and lichen and if living near the coast salt can be a big problem. Keeping your panels maintained by getting them professionally cleaned once a year ensures your system is running at optimum efficiency and producing maximum power.

What are the benefits of solar panel cleaning?

   Dirty solar panels block the amount of sunlight that reaches the photovoltaic cells which reduces the energy output of the system therefore costing you money. By keeping your solar panels clean you are ensuring you get the best out of your system, saving money and protecting your 25 year manufacturers warranty.

Why we don’t use chemicals?

    If you use water tanks to gather rain water for drinking, household or garden usage there is no risk of chemicals getting into the water tanks. There is no risk of damage to waterproof seals on the panels and no water spotting or chemical residue remains when the panels dry. We are also very mindful of the environment and we understand that everything we put onto a roof eventually finds its way into the ocean or bay so we never use chemicals to clean your panels