Commercial Solar Power Geelong

    One of the most effective ways to reduce your energy costs at work is to install a high yield solar power system.

     We can show you how you can slash your electricity bills at work, you don't need a huge system with hundreds of panels or need to out lay tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes all a business needs is a 5kw (20 panels) or a 10kw (40 panels) system and your return on investment can be over 20% on your capital outlay.

     Going solar at work is one of the best money saving moves you can make, because most businesses operate during daylight hours it means you will consume most of the electricity that you will be producing, therefore the more consumed the more saved and the less going back to the grid at 6.5 cents a kw.

     For a free no obligation quote and a return on investment calculation (ROI) contact us today and go solar.


    Installing a solar system at your workplace means you will be able to:

  • Save thousands of dollars a year on electricity charges

  • Reduce your carbon footprint 

  • Future proof your business against rising electricity prices

  • Show your customers that you are committed to reducing your carbon emissions and being a green business

  • Add value to your business with a high yield solar power system

  • Take advantage of the Government tax breaks available now

37 kw system using LG 345 Neon's
Xtreme Technology Geelong

1O kw system  running a mixed business in Geelong

1O kw system on a commercial shed North Shore Geelong

15kw system looking after the energy use of a car restoration company, big savings as most of the power requirements for this business are now being produced by the sun.

Commercial Solar Power Geelong

15kw installed on a market garden has significantly reduced the power consumption of this property, along with the tax breaks from the ATO this was a smart move by the owner to go solar.

10kw System Fabricare Engineering North Geelong

Commercial Solar Power Geelong
Xtreme Technology Geelong