​​ Apricus is Australia's leading evacuated tube solar hot water supplier


Installing solar hot water will not only save you money, but also reduce your household’s impact on the environment. Apricus have high quality solar hot water solutions for your every need. 


   Apricus pride themselves on providing:


•    The highest quality solar hot water systems
•    Leading industry warranties
•    Exceptional after sales service
•    All at competitive pricing

    Evacuated tube solar collectors are fast becoming the preferred option for residential, business and commercial hot water in Australia, due to their high efficiency, lightweight and low maintenance construction.






Apricus Australia 15 Year Warranty

  • The Apricus solar hot water system carries industry-leading warranties:
  • 15-Year warranty on solar tubes and heat pipes
  • 15-Year warranty on manifold
  • 15-Year warranty on framework
  • 15-Year warranty on stainless tank
  • 10-Year warranty on glass-lined tank



The Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water systems are lightweight, durable, and robust in construction. Most systems weigh less than 100 kilograms and can be fitted to almost any roof type in Australia.


Cyclone Rated Framework

The Apricus  aluminium mounting frame has been designed and engineered to meet Australian wind loading conditions and is ideal for coastal and beachfront regions where corrosion is an issue.

Evacuated tube systems are suitable for colder climates.




Apricus product brochure

Apricus Gas Boosted Systems

Apricus Electric Boosted Systems

Apricus Evacuated Tubes vs Flat Panel

Apricus Retro Fit Systems

Apricus solar hot water systems are perfect for your homes solar hot water needs.
Installing an Apricus will help you:

•    SAVE up to 80% on your water heating bills
•    REDUCE your household carbon emissions
•    INCREASE the value of your  property
•    PRODUCE free hot water from the sun.

Apricus residential systems come in a wide range of sizes, and a range of boosting options to suit any household, in any climate.

At Geelong Solar Energy we size all our solar hot water systems to suit each individual home and situation. The table below is a rough indication of the system size that you will need :

•    1-2 Bedrooms: 20-22 Tubes with a 250ltr Tank
•    3-4 Bedrooms: 30 Tubes with 315ltr Tank
•    4+ Bedrooms: 40 Tubes with 400ltr Tank